5 warning signs your car brakes need professional help

5 Warning Signs Your Car Need Brake Service in Raleigh, NC.

While we always take care of the car and focus on the engine, transmission, and a lot of other things. One auto part that faces the most neglect is the car brake. If you ignore the problems and put them on the pending to be addressed later, you create a recipe for disaster.

So, never ignore the signs telling you that your car is in need of brake service in Raleigh, NC. If you are unaware of the signs, here is what signs you need to keep in mind.

5 warning signs your car brakes need professional help

Often we ignore the basics stating that it will go away. Mostly, it doesn’t just go away and make the problem worse. So, before it gets any worse, remember all the signs below and take your vehicle to the professional for further guidance.

· Break light on

If your dashboard displays a brake light signal, it’s either time for routine maintenance or a warning of a potential issue. For information on the causes of the dashboard indicator, consult your car’s owner’s manual.

Please note that the parking brake may be to blame in some automobiles. If the alarm disappears, let go of it.

· Grinding noises when applying the brake

When braking, a grinding sound can mean several distinct things. For instance, a rock may be lodged in the caliper assembly, or the brake pads may be completely worn out.

However, other problems might be the source of a grinding sound when braking, so you must be careful to get your automobile into a nearby auto repair shop as soon as possible.

· Soft brake pedal

A soft brake pedal is a definite indication that there is a problem with the hydraulic system. When you press the pedal, certain problems may feel soft, including air in the lines, failing calipers or wheel cylinders, a master cylinder, or a weak flex line.

The brakes should feel substantial and gradually apply, and your pedal should be strong. Your braking system is not working properly if the pedal is soft. Simple causes like low braking fluid in the master cylinder allowing air into the system could be the cause.

· Burning smell

A burning odor when braking frequently suggests overheated brakes. Stop on an immediate basis to allow the brakes to cool.

If you observe smoke coming from a wheel, the brake caliper may be jammed, and driving until it is repaired is risky.

· Leaking Fluid

When you use the brakes, several things happen at the same time. Using brake fluid to apply hydraulic pressure against the brake caliper is an important part of the procedure.

You can’t stop safely if your car doesn’t have adequate brake fluid. Have a professional inspect and check your car’s brake fluid on a regular basis.

We can help you fix your brake problems in Raleigh.

Brake problems can occur with every car or truck eventually, especially with the wear and tear experienced in Raleigh area traffic.  If you experience any one of these problems, bring your vehicle to World Class Auto so one of our professionals can look it over.  We would rather catch a problem early before it becomes a severe issue.

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