2 Things to Look Out for in a Raleigh Transmission Shop

A misdiagnosis of your car’s transmission will cost you both time and money that you could have used productively. To avoid this, you need to choose a transmission shop that is thorough at their job. A good transmission shop will ensure they provide a service that is worth every dime you pay them. However, you can never know if a certain shop will provide the type of quality service that you want. You can look for these two signs to gauge whether your transmission shop of choice can provide a quality service.

                                    2 Signs that a Transmission Shop is Legitimate    

  1. Certification

Once they are done with the training, they are awarded an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence. This Blue Seal serves as evidence that they can provide a service that will have you entrusting them with all of your car troubles.

  1. Multi-check inspection service/thorough diagnosis

Professional transmission shops will provide a multi-check inspection on your car that includes;

(a) Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection involves checking for problems using the naked eye.

(b) Fluid check

This involves checking whether your car’s transmission fluid is high enough and if not, it is topped up. They also go ahead to check if the fluid looks opaque since that is a sign that your car has problems.

(c) Road Test

The road test is comprised of a stationary test and a driving test.  The position of your transmission is tested for slipping, odd noises, early or late shift patterns.

(d) Onboard Diagnostics

This involves the use of special software that is interfaced with your vehicle’s onboard computer.

In addition to knowing how to look for signs of a legitimate business, you should also know how to spot illegitimate businesses. Here are two signs of such kinds of businesses.

                                       Signs That a Shop is not worth the time

(i)  Old Equipment

Today’s cars are equipped with complex computer systems. This means that a transmission shop should be equipped with the latest technology to run an accurate diagnosis. Coming across a shop with equipment that is not up-to-date is a sign that they are not ready for business.

(ii) Providing visual inspection service only

To detect a problem in your car’s system, a thorough checkup is recommended. The checkup will involve a trained technician equipped with diagnostic equipment. A shop that only concentrates on visual Inspection is a red flag meaning it cannot be legitimate.


Certification is one thing to look for in a transmission shop. It helps prove a shop’s legitimacy and by this enabling one to stay away from unqualified individuals. Checking whether they provide a thorough checkup service and not just visual Inspection is another way to help tell about a shop’s credibility.

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