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4 Signs – Why your power steering is failing in Raleigh, NC

The purpose of the car’s power steering system is to lessen the amount of effort needed by the driver by allowing the wheels to turn with little effort. However, the system is susceptible to damage and malfunction like any other system or part of your car.

The power steering system won’t function as effectively as it ought to in that situation. A minor issue can eventually result in power steering failure if it is not fixed.

To avoid a situation that could be disastrous, you must learn to recognize the primary indicators of a failing automotive power steering system.

Squealing Noise When Steering:

There is a fluid that the power steering pump uses to function. Therefore, the steering gear has trouble working properly if the fluid level drops too low or the fluid does not reach the pump, which results in unpleasant whining noises when steering.

If the power steering pump is malfunctioning, the same thing can occur. However, the first thing you should do if the power steering pump starts to squeal is to check the amount of the power steering fluid.

When the level is low, you ought to search for leaks and fix them if possible.

Gray Power Steering Fluid and/or Visible Metal Flakes:

Take notice of the power steering fluid’s color as you check the level in the reservoir. If it’s grey, it has oxidized and will no longer perform as it should. Oxidation can occur if too much air enters the system, as with a broken power steering pump.

A malfunctioning pump might occasionally cause metal flakes (grey or chrome) in the power steering fluid. Both materials wearing away from degradation and metal rubbing against metal may be to blame.

The Steering Wheel Slows to Turn:

Turning as expected, the front wheels should be easily turned by the steering wheel. Your steering pump may malfunction if you spin the steering wheel yet find turning the car’s tires difficult. How can I tell if my power steering pump is malfunctioning?

Start the engine of your car and make various steering wheel turns. You likely have a faulty power steering pump if turning is slow. This condition also suggests a problem with the parts of the front wheel suspension and needs to be addressed right away.


Steering Wheel Is Loose

Although the force needed to turn the wheels was previously reduced by power steering, it shouldn’t be loose. When the steering wheel is loose, it feels unconnected and rotates with such ease that the driver might as well let go of it.

Make it a priority to have anything out of the ordinary, such as a shaking steering wheel, looked at.

Power Steering Problems, in Raleigh, Can Be Fixed at World Class Auto

Power Steering problems can occur with every car or truck eventually, especially with the wear and tear experienced in Raleigh area traffic.  If you experience any one of these problems, bring your vehicle to World Class Auto so one of our professionals can look it over.  We would rather catch a problem early before it becomes a severe issue.

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