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The sound of your brakes squeaking when you push the pedal is one of the world’s most grating sounds. Yes, many of us have heard it before and have pondered whether it might be a problem with the brakes or if it is simply something that brakes do.

This noise frequently occurs when the accelerator is briefly depressed or slowing down, generally at a stop sign.

We can’t always identify whether squeaky brakes are a major problem because not everyone is familiar with basic auto maintenance, but the squeaks are virtually always annoying to hear.

Why are the brakes squeaking in Raleigh, NC?

In case you’re not sure what’s causing your brakes to squeak, let’s find out together:

  • Worn or thinning brake pads
  • Dust or debris between your pads and rotors
  • Overnight moisture
  • Your personal braking style
  • Metallic brake pads
  • Lack of lubrication on drum brakes

How to fix squeaking brakes?

Squeaky brakes are annoying and make routine rides uncomfortable. Brake squeaking may be brought on by vibration, inexpensive replacement brake pads, or worn-out parts.

Method 1: Apply Grease to the Brake Pads

Greasing the contact points may be all that is required to stop the squeaking, even if your brakes are brand new. To do this, remove the calipers’ brake pads, and apply oil on each point of contact.

The back of the brake pad and any contact points on the caliper carrier are two examples of these areas. Remember that there cannot be any grease or oils on the rotor surface or the friction surface of the brake pads.

Method 2: Install Shims to Avoid that Squeak Sound

Shims are components used in brake pads that fit between the rotors and pads and reduce friction. Shims maintain the alignment of the rotors and pads in every vehicle. It should make little noise while running smoothly, so it may be time to check your shims if you hear any squeaking or grinding.

It’s time to replace the shims if they are worn out. You can purchase anti-squeal shims between the brake calipers and brake pads made of rubber, metal, or Teflon. This additional layer will dampen any vibrations and maintain a calm ride for your car.

Method 3: Replace the Pads

Besides, the pads on your brakes may have reached the end of their life. The brake pads (or what’s left of them) will eventually make metal-on-metal contact, resulting in a squealing sound if the brake pad’s friction surface wears down sufficiently. So, replace the pads on time.

Wrap up – Consult the Raleigh Auto Professionals

Finally, you should be able to fix squeaky brakes using the preceding maintenance advice. Remember that sometimes it is just a matter of the material your brake pads are made of.

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