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The same basic principles apply to keeping our cars in the best possible state, just as we do, to take care of ourselves, eat the right foods, and be in shape.

It’s never fun to have to go into savings to pay for car repairs, and considering the status of the economy, it’s become even tougher recently. But, to ensure that the value of our cars (perhaps your most valuable asset) is preserved and maintenance costs are minimized, here are a few simple, easy-to-remember tips on how to keep your automobile in top form.

When driving past potholes, slow down.

Some people are uneasy driving around potholes, while others consider that driving carefully through a washed-out portion of the road is a waste of time.

There’s no reason to be so hurried. At high speeds, driving over deep depressions can damage not just the tire and wheel; but also the suspension and steering components.

Potholes loosen a variety of components in the car, resulting in rattles and squeaks; therefore, avoiding or slowing down for them will benefit the entire vehicle.

Have cooling systems flushed and change coolants

Your car’s engine oil isn’t the only sort of oil that has to be checked regularly.

Transmission and differential oils should be changed at particular periods as well, however, they don’t need to be checked and replaced as frequently. Transmission fluids should be changed every 30,000 miles as a general guideline, but you should check your owner’s handbook to see what is advised for your specific make and model.

If your car is a front-wheel drive, there is no need to change the differential fluid. Why? It is due to the differential being located in the front of the automobile. And it shares fluid with the transmission in front-wheel drives. There are three differentials in four-wheel drives: one in the front, one in the middle, and one in the back. Differential oil is found at the back of rear-wheel drives, but it is also found in the front, center, and back of four-wheel drives. The differential oil should be changed at the same time as the transmission oil.

Check tire pressure

Maintaining adequate tire pressure keeps you safe while also saving you money. Tires that are incorrectly inflated — either over-inflated or under-inflated — do not handle or stop as well as tires that are properly inflated. They also raise the likelihood of a blowout. Furthermore, properly inflated tires have a longer lifespan and improve fuel efficiency.

Tire pressure changes when the tires accumulate miles and the temperature changes, so it’s crucial to monitor it. That is why it is critical to check it regularly and add air as needed. Some experts advocate doing this every time you fill up your tank, but, like the oil check, every other fill-up should suffice to spot any shortcomings before they become major issues.

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