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Your car’s various systems and components must cooperate in order for it to drive. Your car’s engine generates power, but the transmission is what transfers that power to the wheels. A car simply could not move if the transmission were not there.

Top signs of transmission failure

Even the most careful driver cannot avoid the inevitable transmission failure. Watch out for the warning signals listed below to determine whether you need a new transmission in Raleigh, NC, as your transmission ages.


The transmission might require more fluid if it exhibits overheating symptoms. Heater problems will result from the old or burned fluid. It ought to be vividly red and dense in texture. Even after adding fluid, the transmission may need to be changed if it continues to overheat. Ask a professional in Raleigh, NC, to look for any leaks.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

It is really concerning if your transmission fluid is dripping. But how can you identify a leak in this fluid? Keep an eye out for any red fluid coming out of the transmission. Low transmission fluid levels caused by constant leakage could impair the automatic transmission’s performance and have a negative effect on your car.

So, get this checked out as soon as possible at the auto repair shop in Raleigh, NC, and remember that a complete transmission rebuild or replacement might be required to fix it.

Burning Transmission Odor

An indication of a bad transmission is the presence of a burning smell comparable to burning plastic. This scent may be a sign that the transmission fluid, which lubricates the working parts in the system, is overheating.

If there is an issue, the unit must be fixed as soon as possible. The strange smell can also be a sign that you should fix or adjust your car’s clutch.

Loud Whining Noise

Noises are a sure sign that a transmission is deteriorating. A loud, whining noise is a warning that something is wrong. However, there were clunking or buzzing noises as well.

You should have the transmission checked out immediately if it generates a lot of noise when in Neutral. Nevertheless, you should never disregard any sound, particularly since it can be fixable before a serious failure happens.

What Is Better: Rebuild, Repair or Replace a Transmission?

Transmission repairs are only necessary for minor problems. If the component that needs to be replaced is located on the transmission’s surface, it can be done. While replacing the transmission entails exchanging it for a new or used transmission, rebuilding it entails replacing all worn-out components.

If you put off repairs or maintenance, you can end yourself spending more in the long term. The transmission’s lifespan is mostly influenced by the routine maintenance you provide your car.

Transmissions put in a lot of effort and deteriorate over time, just like every other car part. By identifying issues early, a new transmission is not necessary. To help you determine your need, a World Class Auto Inc. team will find out your issues quickly and get you back on the road.

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