You must maintain your clutch, or you will experience transmission difficulties before you know it. Consult your World Class Auto if you suspect a problem is developing, and don’t apply more pressure to your clutch than is necessary. When driving up a slope, learn how to shift properly, don’t haul more than your car can manage, and never use your clutch to stop. Continue reading if you know you have certain poor habits to break and want to protect your car’s clutch.

Maintaining a firm grip on the gear shift lever

It’s possible that you’ve developed a habit of driving with your hand on the gear lever. So, I’m afraid we can’t provide you with any positive news. Placing your hand on the gear lever applies pressure to the gear forks, slowing the rotation of the rotating collar and potentially resulting in an expensive repair.

Resting the foot on the clutch

Many manual transmission vehicles do not have a dead pedal. It is normal to rest one’s foot on the clutch pedal in such vehicles. Even though the clutch on diesel engines is stiffer, you can rest your foot on it as long as the clutch pedal is not depressed. The situation is different in gasoline vehicles. In gasoline vehicles, the clutch is relatively light, and even light pedal pressure will partially disengage it, causing it to slip and wear quickly.

If there is no dead pedal, make it a habit to rest your left foot on the floorboard. It saves the clutch, and a fully engaged clutch improves the car’s fuel economy.

Burnouts and Towing

If you bought a heavy-duty truck with the intention of towing your ATVs or motorcycles to the course every weekend, make sure it has the necessary towing capability. If you try to tow more than your car is capable of, your clutch will quickly wear out. Peeling out at a stoplight, speaking of burnouts, will wreak havoc on your clutch. To keep yours in good shape, avoid these two issues.

Lugging Shift

Are you a person who takes a long time to shift gears? Do you take your time changing gears from first to second and so on? If you do, you’re prematurely wearing down your clutch. Slow gear shifts wear out the clutch by keeping it engaged for far longer than it should be. Press the clutch down, move the gear, and rapidly release it.

Using the clutch pedal during traffic signals

If you know, you’re not going to move for the next 20 seconds. Come to a complete stop with the automobile in neutral. The clutch is now completely disengaged. The clutch assembly’s ball bearing may be damaged if the clutch pedal is held down for a lengthy period of time. Although the bearings can be replaced, the entire set-up must be removed first. You can save your left foot from unnecessary pressure by not holding down the clutch for too long at the signals.

A car is an investment that most drivers wish to keep for as long as possible. It is vital to perform routine maintenance in order to keep it running smoothly and safely. While the price may be a factor, it isn’t nearly as bad as losing the use of your car due to preventable problems. Disregarding your car’s maintenance needs always ends up costing you more money in the long run. So, get in touch with World Class auto today to have your car or truck serviced.

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