Vehicles have a lot of filters to keep small particles of dirt from getting in any of the operating systems, causing damage to them and eventually failure of these systems.

Cabin Filter

The cabin filter works the same way that your air filter does. It filters dust and dirt from the outside air before it gets treated by the climate control system. In keeping this filter clean, you make sure that your vehicle's air is always fresh and clean.

Oil Filter

The oil filter traps any contaminants that are in your engine oil. Even miniscule dirt or metal particles can do some real damage to cylinder walls, bearings, and camshafts, and can also stop the oil distribution going on in your engine. You have to change this filter according to your manufacturer's schedule, and even sooner if it faces severe operating conditions.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is typically located in the fuel tank in gas-operated vehicles, and it exists as a water-separating unit for diesels-operated vehicles. The filter's job is to remove contaminants from the fuel that can be picked up in transportation, refining, and in storage tanks. Dirty fuel will make fuel injectors inefficient, and over time this will cause damage to them until they need a replacement. This costs you more on account of lower fuel mileage and inefficient running.

Engine Air Filter

The engine air filter is positioned towards the front of the induction system, and it filters airborne dirt and dust entering the engine cylinders from the air.  The more clean that this filter is, the more air circulates for proper combustion. When it is really dirty, this filter could cause more fuel use than necessary, rough running, and general bad engine operation.

The maintenance of all of these filters is typically set to a maintenance schedule, so you will need to replace these items regularly. 

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