One of the main reasons for engine failure is neglect in maintenance; if engine oil, coolant, and filters are not changed on schedule, engine performance will be reduced before a catastrophic failure. Additionally, the engine could be harmed by failing to check for wear and tear on parts like the clutch and spark plugs.

Regardless of your maintenance routine, you may still need to be cautious of the bad engine. Indeed, there are various ways to find out about it. Some of the signs of a bad engine are as follows:

Signs of a bad engine of your car

Your engine will likely need some maintenance over time, from little to presumably major, just like other automotive parts. It’s critical that you, as a car owner, become familiar with the symptoms that can indicate an engine issue in order to prevent more severe issues.

·       Blue Smoke

If you observe blue smoke coming from your car, it could indicate that your engine is malfunctioning. The blue haze is caused by oil burning in the engine. This can happen if the engine lacks air or the oil level is too high.

In addition to indicating that the engine is malfunctioning, blue smoke also indicates that it needs repair. Ignoring this warning could result in more engine damage or even complete engine failure. If your car is emitting blue smoke, take it to a repair immediately soon.

·       Loss of mileage

A car tends to gradually lose power and mileage (fuel efficiency) over time owing to wear and tear. The engine of the vehicle, however, requires attention if the vehicle suddenly loses power or has a considerable decrease in mileage.

It’s possible for tiny issues to be hiding behind the engine and end up doing a lot of long-term harm to the car.

·       Oil Patches

It may be an oil pan leak or a gasket leak if you have your car parked and see oil stains on the ground. Because there won’t be enough oil in the engine, the friction in the combustion chamber will increase, harming various engine components.

·       Overheating

You must act and examine a few items if your engine doesn’t cool down and there are overheating symptoms.

The engine coolant needs to be checked first. The engine may be having trouble cooling down because of a leak that is lowering the coolant level in the engine. If this is the problem, you can take care of the leak’s cause and top off the coolant until it is at the ideal level.

Next, the water pump should be checked if you’ve determined no coolant leaks. If you discover that the water pump is defective or broken, you must replace it.

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