Car Care Tips: Raleigh:

Summer is the time to escape the on-road heat travels! Your car is also the most susceptible to difficulty at this time of year.

Even though winters are known for exerting a strain on automobiles, summers can be just as hard, especially when the temperatures continue to rise. In order to make the car summer-ready while preventing problems, there is some particular maintenance this time of year. Let us share some essential car care tips for this summer season.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

During the summer, the value of your air conditioner skyrockets. And anyone who has ever been stuck in a long line with no cool air blowing in their cabin knows how it feels. When compared to other essential components, your air conditioner usually does not require much maintenance; however, there are a few checks that can make it more efficient and breakdown-proof.

Check that your cooling system is adequately topped off with coolant and water in the proper proportions. It would be best to keep the air vents free of dust, grime, and debris, as these can obstruct airflow and lead to an overheated vehicle.

Get your oil and oil filter changed

This is especially crucial if you haven’t changed your oil in a while because extreme weather (wet, hot, or cold) can put extra strain on your oil and oil filter. Your oil keeps your engine parts lubricated, while the filter keeps hazardous debris, dirt, and metal fragments out of the oil system. More material is picked up when the filter is clean. The more stuff that is taken up, the cleaner the oil will be. A healthier, happier engine means cleaner oil!

Inspect your tires

Keep a spare tire and inspect your tires for wear and proper inflation every time you fill up your gas tank. Your tire’s contact pad should be square and not too narrow or bulging. Check that the tires are wearing evenly. Over-inflation should be avoided because the increased temperature (160F) of the asphalt on the highways will increase the PSI by about 10psi. If you need brand new tires (replace at 3/32nds of tread remaining), you should consider buying “summer” tires.

Clean the Interior

Because you’ll be spending many hours in your car, it’s a good idea to start fresh for the long journey ahead. It’s worth giving the cabin some additional attention before a trip that lasts several hours or longer, whether it’s a short vacuum or a full wash down of various surfaces and components.

Finally, if your A/C system emits an unusual odor, you might try upgrading your cabin air filter for better breathing. It’s advised that you replace your cabin air filter every 15,000 miles. Some cars have difficult-to-reach filters, which may necessitate a visit to your local dealership for repairs.

Clean your car

Every season necessitates the cleaning of your vehicle. After a winter, however, it may be necessary to clean the salt and grit that has accumulated in the automobile, panel gaps, and other areas. You can either take your automobile to a car wash or utilize the necessary supplies at home.

The sun may make your car shine brightly, but it is actually causing it to deteriorate. It is critical to treat the paintwork with wax to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. Waxing your car functions as a sunscreen for the paint, extending the life of your vehicle. Similarly, if your car has leather seats, you should park in the shade.

Remember, don’t wait for an issue to force you to do anything. When you take good care of your automobile, it will take good care of you, and routine maintenance from Triangle Tire & Brake can help you prevent costly repairs.

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