Auto Repair: Did You Know – Reasons Why Your Radiator Fan Is Not Operating In Rolesville, NC

Auto Repair: Radiator: Rolesville, NC

Your car engine should not overheat to guarantee the finest performance and life. Operating as an engine cooling system’s component, together with coolant, a radiator fan blows chilled air through the radiator to inhibit the engine from overheating. 

The radiator fan not functioning will cause great damage to the engine and hence must obtain immediate attention when it ensues. In today’s blog, we will discuss why the radiator fan is not working and can the radiator fan be repaired in Rolesville, NC. 

How Does A Radiator Fan Work?

Your automobile’s cooling system and radiator guarantee that it cools the engine to prevent it from overheating. 

They are ignored until they act up, but their part in keeping your car working is essential. The radiator’s task is to cool the coolant without much trouble. 

When your vehicle is at high speed, the air passes through the radiator swiftly. Nevertheless, when it is at a lower rate, the air is not passed through the radiator rapidly, so the fan is required.

Why Is The Radiator Fan Not Working?

Here are the major issues that might be ailing the radiator fan, making it ineffective or non-functioning.

Dead Wires

If you notice the engine heating, but the radiator fan is not, the fan wires can be the perpetrator. Disconnect the wires. The direct voltage should be 12v. 

Take a voltmeter and examine for the current’s existence. If the current is not present in one or both wires, you will have to change them. You will be able to pinpoint the fan relay beneath the hood. 

Inspect for the current from the relay to the radiator fan. This is the place where the current needs to run. 

If the current is present there, a fan defect might cause the fan not to function. In this case, you will need to hire a mechanic from radiator fan replacement in Rolesville, NC shop.

Bad Fan Controller Module

Some vehicles feature a separate control module exclusively for radiator fan control. This module is fitted in the engine compartment, laid bare to dirt and heat. 

This can be the reason for the module to break after some time owing to corrosion and other impairment. Find the relay and look for any visual impairment on the outer side. 

You can also open the fan relay to look for corrosion or bad soldering. If you witness any issues, you can get them replaced by an auto repair shop in Rolesville, NC.

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Some latest cars come with fan controls incorporated into the engine control unit, while others come with a separate fan control module. 

Both systems utilize a temperature sensor to determine when to turn the fan on. If the sensor is defective, the control unit fails to connect with the radiator. 

Some vehicles have a separate temperature sensor for the engine control unit and radiator fan. You can gauge the sensor’s resistance using a multimeter to guarantee its functionality.  

The affordable auto repair in Rolesville, NC, manual will aid you in comprehending your vehicle’s cooling system.

The radiator fan is a car’s important part. The radiator failure can be lethal for your car’s health. 

If overlooked longer, it might give rise to added maintenance and auto repair costs. So, occasionally, look underneath the hood and get your car inspected by an auto repair expert in Rolesville, NC.

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