Car Repair Tip: Air Conditioner: Clayton, NC

You may not give much importance to your air conditioner until it stops functioning on a hot summer day. More than just frustration, a non-functioning AC can be hazardous if you are stuck in traffic in Clayton, NC, when the temperature climbs inside your vehicle. 

If your air conditioner is not operating as efficiently as it should, various reasons might be the cause. Today’s blog will tell you why your AC is not blowing cool air.

Why Is Your Car’s Air Conditioner Not Functioning?

Here are the top AC problems that may be preventing your AC from working well.

Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak can transpire at any time in the air conditioning procedure. So, it is often hard to identify the leak’s precise location. 

The most prevalent places where you can discover leaks are AC unit hose connections. It is occasionally possible to see oily stuff gathering around these connections, which is probably the leak’s source. 

You or a mechanic can utilize a sealant (exclusively made for ACs) found easily at most car repair shops in Clayton, NC, to close the leak.

Broken Cooling Fans

Your vehicle takes advantage of cooling fans to move the chilled air into your car’s compartment. When there is an issue with the fans, you won’t feel cooled air coming out of the vents. 

Cooling fans can stop functioning appropriately for several reasons, such as they might have blown fuses, cracked by road debris, or an electrical short. 

Luckily, a mechanic at the best car repair shop in Clayton, NC, can change it quickly and help you hit the road again.

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems are the most difficult issue to spot pertaining to an AC unit that is not working. First, you should visually examine all the wires to see if any wires are worn or broken. 

If you find impaired wires, mend them with electrical tape or change them completely. If you can’t visually detect electrical problems, you should take your automobile to an expert vehicle dealer for further examination.  

Bad Compressor

Your AC depends on a compressor to keep air moving, but the refrigerant will not move around if the compressor is not operating well. 

One of the major causes of the compressor going bad is not being utilized for longer durations, and the long cold seasons of winter and fall mean that many people don’t use their AC for many months. 

Besides, the compressor in Clayton, NC, can also have issues if the compressor’s clutch gets stuck. If the clutch gets stuck in the “on” position, it will make your AC work nonstop. 

However, getting stuck in the “off” position will prevent the compressor from engaging. You will need a car AC repair Clayton, NC mechanic to inspect what is causing the issue with the compressor.


You can guarantee that your air conditioner won’t unexpectedly disappoint you in the middle of the worst heat of the summer with regular AC maintenance and repair services. 

Regardless of the kind of car you have, car ACs lose efficiency with time if you don’t appropriately maintain them. If your AC has any problems mentioned above, a mechanic can troubleshoot them in a few minutes.

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