Car Repair Tip: Brake Rotors:  Knightdale, NC 

There is nothing more infuriating than a corroded brake rotor. It not only makes your vehicle appear unappealing but also builds up and inhibits the brakes’ effectiveness, leading you closer to a mishap. 

Fortunately, with the help of some simple tools and steps, you can get rid of rust from your rotors in a flash. Today’s guide will show how to eliminate rust from rotors.

What Are The Causes Of Rust On Rotors?

Here are a few of the most prevalent reasons for rusty brake rotors.

  • The biggest reason is debris and moisture that get trapped on the pads. Brake moisture and debris get stuck between the wheel cylinder and rotor, causing rust to develop.  
  • Road salt is another common cause of rust on rotors. Road salt gets trapped in the rotors and pads and causes rust.
  • If you reside in a region with heavy snow or rain, corrosion can develop between the wheel cylinder and the rotor.
  • Scratches on the rotors’ surface can also cause corrosion to accumulate.
  • If you are using the rotors heavily, that can too cause corrosion to develop.
  • When a car is unused for a prolonged duration, corrosion will build up.  

If you have rust build-up on the rotors, take your car to an affordable car repair in Knightdale, NC shop, where a mechanic will help you get rid of rust. However, if you want to remove it yourself at home, follow the steps below.

How To Eliminate Rust On Rotors?

Follow these steps to remove rust on rotors.

Jack Up Your Automobile And Loosen The Wheels’ Lug Nuts

First, jack up your vehicle securely and put safe supporting stands beneath it. Then, loosen up the lugs of the wheels and remove wheels. Ensure to utilize the appropriate size wrench and not overdo it; otherwise, you will strip the lugs.

Remove Rotors

After removing the car repair Knightdale, NC wheels, utilize a mallet to pound your rotors warily. You might have to do this multiple times if there is excessive rust accumulation. Avoid using too much power with the mallet, as that can damage the rotor.

Clean Rotors’ Surface

The next step of brake replacement in Knightdale, NC, is to clean the rotors’ surface. Use a wire brush to eradicate any debris or corrosion from them. Ensure to use heavy force while doing this. 

Then, take advantage of sandpaper and sand the rotor to eliminate any leftover rust or debris particles. Remember that you may need to utilize sandpaper and brush in the opposite direction to remove all the corrosion.

Apply Brake Cleaner

Now, you have to spray the rotors with brake cleaner. You can get this solution from a brake repair service in Knightdale, NC shop. It will aid in loosening up any rust on the rotors. Then, cover them in a plastic bag and allow them to sit for 2 hours.

Use A Wire Brush To Eradicate The Remaining Corrosion

Now, use a wire brush to eliminate loose grime and rust particles. This should leave the rotors clean and nice.

Removing rust from your rotors can add many years to their life. You won’t have to deal with the loud squeak that rust produces, nor will you have to get them replaced by a car repair shop in Knightdale, NC. But, if you have rust on your car brake rotors and need replacement in Knightdale, always contact a reliable mechanic for expert advice and replacement.

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