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Indeed, your vehicle’s air filter is one of the most vital parts of your engine. It guarantees that your engine gets sufficient air for combustion while straining out debris, particles, and dirt that can impair the engine’s subtle internal workings. 

So, how do you know when to replace your automobile’s air filter in Apex, NC? The easiest approach is to consult your car owner’s manual and refer to their filter replacement guidelines. 

However, if you don’t have a manual or don’t know when it was replaced previously, here are some signs and car repair tips for Apex, NC, that will tell you that it is time for a filter replacement.  

When To Change A Car Air Filter?

Here are some symptoms that will aid you in identifying if your air filter requires replacement from a car repair shop in Apex, NC.  

Low Fuel Efficiency

Your fuel efficiency will decrease because the engine won’t acquire enough oxygen to work efficiently and appropriately. 

The engine has to burn an air and fuel blend, and if the oxygen-rich air is not in a good amount, the combustion won’t be in its most efficient manner, leading to lower fuel efficiency. 

Nevertheless, if your vehicle has a fuel injection, this should not be a major issue because the fuel injection gauges the air quantity that should go into the engine.

Weird Noises

Without sufficient air, your vehicle’s engine will not sound as it should. If it is sputtering or vibrating too much when you turn over your engine, it is more likely to be begging for a new air filter. 

You can take your car to an affordable car repair shop in Apex, NC, for air filter replacement.

Black Smoke From The Exhaust

A car engine requires both fuel and air to function. They operate together to make sure your automobile burns fuel appropriately. 

Black smoke from the exhaust is an obvious sign that your car has excessive fuel in the combustion chamber without enough quantities of air to burn it.

Misfiring Engine

An unburned fuel problem can cause the engine to misfire. It produces soot residuals that gather on spark plugs. Dirty spark plugs don’t work properly. 

If you press on the fuel and your vehicle shudders, you should consider replacing the air filter. Moreover, inspect the air filter if your motor has trouble turning on.

The Engine Light Comes On

Many car owners in Apex, NC, notice the check engine light showing up on their dashboards every so often. This light can appear for various reasons. It could be linked to an air filter issue. 

The light can activate automatically if your air filter is congested and insufficient air gets through to the engine. You must pay attention to the engine light and never overlook it.

Dirty Air Filter

The easiest way to identify a filter that requires replacement is to look at it. A clean filter will be white but gets darker as it accumulates dirt and dust. If your filter seems dirty and darker, it may be time to replace it.

So, these six signs will tell you if your filter needs changing. If you are still uncertain about anything, you can get a mechanic from a car repair shop in Apex, NC, to examine it for you.

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