Your vehicle might have a single engine drive belt (called a serpentine), or, if it’s an older car or truck, it could use several belts. These drive belts roll on top of pulleys that turn and generate energy into each of the accessories attached to your engine. They usually drive the alternator, air conditioning, power steering, the water pump, and even the power brakes on some of the larger vehicles.

Examine your belts at every service opportunity

The loss of the serpentine belt, if you have it, means the car will lose electrical power or overheat, and you may be left stranded suddenly. As these belts are made of rubber compounds, they can stretch, crack, or be damaged after contact with chemicals.  It is important to examine your belts at every service that you have done, to be certain that every engine system that uses that belt can keep operating properly.

A timing belt is an internal engine belt or chain that tells the valvetrain of your engine what to do, depending on the actions of the crankshaft and pistons. It controls the intake and exhaust valves, generating just the right amount of gasses in the cylinder for each engine stroke. Sometimes, this belt also turns an internal water pump, depending on engine design. The correct operation of this belt is crucial to engine function, as a broken timing chain or belt can result in a cooling disruption, or complete wreckage of the engine.

Prevent traumatic engine failure

If your vehicle with higher mileage is low on power or is overheating regularly, it’s a possibility that your timing belt is nearing the end of its life. Come on in and let us find what your problem is to prevent traumatic engine failure.

Quality replacement parts

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