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A vehicle battery is one of the most important pieces of equipment for starting and driving your car. It transfers energy from the starter motor to the spark plugs, kindling your automobile’s fuel while also delivering power to other systems, including AC, radio, lights, etc. 

You can easily tell when your vehicle battery begins to die if you have a failing alarm system, blinking lights, or finds it hard to start. A dead battery can be a real nuisance. 

Discovering yourself helpless is not just inconvenient; if you are caught in harsh weather on the road, it can be hazardous too. 

Luckily, you can prevent your car battery from failing suddenly with a little care and attention. In today’s blog, we will converse about things that drain your battery.  

3 Things That Drain Your Vehicle Battery

Below are the top three things that can drain and decrease the performance of your battery, leading you to battery replacement in Rolesville, NC.

Old Battery

Sometimes, the battery is old and has become weaker to hold a charge. A battery’s average lifespan is three to five years. 

Nonetheless, if you drive your car in extreme temperatures or push it beyond its limits, you may need to change batteries more often. If your battery is old, you may see rust or a drop in performance. 

If you notice these symptoms, it may be time to acquire a new one. You can confirm this by getting it inspected by an expert at an auto repair shop in Rolesville, NC.

A Faulty Alternator

An alternator is responsible for charging the battery every time it is put in gear and delivering continuous energy to your automobile’s accessories. 

If the alternator diode becomes faulty, you may notice blinking lights, hear strange sounds, or experience other problems with your vehicle. 

When the alternator becomes defective, the battery will continue draining and ultimately fail when you attempt to start your car. In this situation, you will have to jump-start your automobile. 

This will aid your motor in getting adequate power to drive down to an affordable auto repair shop in Rolesville, NC. Now, you may be thinking, can auto alternators be repaired in Rolesville, NC

Yes, they can be repaired. You need to know which alternator part has failed, and then you or a professional mechanic can change that part.

Loose Or Rusted Battery Connections

The negative and positive terminals attached to the battery can occasionally become loose or corroded with time. If they become loose or rusted, you may have difficulty starting your car because the battery cannot appropriately transfer its energy. 

You can also stall out while driving or impair your car’s electrical parts. You should regularly clean the battery terminals to avert rust-related issues. 

If you are uncertain how to clean them, take your motor to an auto repair shop in Rolesville, NC, and have a qualified mechanic do it for you.

Having a battery that keeps dying is annoying, and determining what is causing the issue can be difficult. Supposing that the reason for the battery drain is not a human mistake, you will require the help of an expert who can identify your automobile’s electrical issues and figure out if it is a dead battery or anything else in the electrical system.

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