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Regardless of the season, your car always needs attention. However, when we enter winter, a car’s mechanical system can trouble you a lot if you don’t care much about it. Sometimes we find people looking for a tire or brake repair service in Morrisville, NC, in winter. This shows that it might require more maintenance in winter than in any season. 

As humans are affected by cold temperatures, your car will inevitably have an impact on it too.

However, we can always wear a jacket or switch on the heating system in our homes to stay warm. Our cars, especially those left outside in the elements like snow and rain, are not the same. According to automobile experts in Morrisville, NC, cold weather has the ability to harm every component of your car.

Problems you might face regarding your car in winter

Knowing the problems regarding auto beforehand can help you prevent any severe damage. So, let’s talk about the common problems of your automobile in winter and discuss a feasible solution too.


The problems can help you identify if you need an auto repair service in Morrisville, NC.

Dead Battery

The most likely explanation for why your car battery dies in cold weather or your car struggles to start in cold weather is that it is freezing outside.

Batteries for vehicles aren’t really made to survive temperatures below freezing point. Batteries lose power about 50–60% at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it is possible that your car is not starting.

Solution: One obvious solution is to park your car in the garage. But if it is still freezing, you must get a battery blanket or insulation. They are inexpensive and simple to install at a local car parts store. It only has to be wrapped around your battery to protect it from below-freezing temperatures (up to a point, of course.) In case your battery is still troubling, have a contact of affordable auto repair in Morrisville, NC.

Deflated Tires

Every 32 degrees below freezing, tires can lose up to two psi of pressure. As the temperature drops, be sure to check your tire pressure routinely. Because they might burn and explode, under-inflated tires have been associated with fatal collisions, or at least they cause an expense of tire replacement in Morrisville, NC. It is impossible to determine whether the tire pressure on your car is sufficient simply by glancing at it.


Solution: Purchase a tire pressure gauge and check your tires regularly (or before any significant journey) to ensure everything is in working order. 

Windscreen Vipers

Although it’s not the end of the world to scrape the ice off your windows, you might find yourself waiting for a lift if your wipers are also stuck to the screen.

If your vehicle has automatic wipers, you’re in luck! Before starting the engine, ensure they are off, and when you scrape the windows, release your wipers.

Solution: Use a frost guard or windscreen cover and tuck them beneath your wipers to completely avoid it. Since they will prevent your windscreen from freezing overnight, you may simply remove them in the morning.

Since typical issues are more likely to develop in the winter, maintaining your car is even more crucial. Keep your tires, engine fluids, car battery, and ignition components in the best possible condition to avoid the trouble of auto repairs in Morrisville, NC

It can be tempting to avoid driving altogether, but you need to periodically drive your car to ensure it doesn’t break down. Take a long trip once a week to reduce the risk of flat tires, a dead battery, or sludgy engine fluids. In case of emergency, always contact an expert mechanic for help in Morrisville, NC.

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