To drive straight down the road, your tires have to be pointing the same direction. This is called your vehicle's alignment. To have the ability to turn, and move properly over dips or bumps in the road, the tires and the suspension work together, and have certain measurements and angles “built in” by the manufacturer for best handling and your driving comfort overall. When your alignment is off, it could lead to unsafe performance and handling. If your tires are not set to these precise measurements, more tire wear and poor handling will result.

4-wheel alignment

Most cars today need 4-wheel alignment, which can be achieved best on a laser alignment rack. It’s important to have your tires aligned whenever you get new ones installed, as they will move your tires “out-of-spec” just by being new! Speedbumps, dirt roads, potholes, or even snow berms can cause your tires to be out of alignment, so if your vehicle has gone through some rough bumps, you should make sure your alignment is still in the proper measurements..

Alignment Symptoms

Components of failing suspension can also affect the alignment, but the effects will be different…mostly the vehicle will go to one side, or the steering wheel could be misaligned. Unusual tire wear is also a sign of bad steering parts and a bad alignment. A vibration, or sound whose pitch goes up as your speed increases is usually a sign of a tire problem, which can also lead to an alignment issue.

Whatever symptom you have, bring your vehicle in right away to minimize the potential damage to other vehicle systems. We will inspect your car, and if there are any repairs needed, we will give you an estimate. It could just be that an alignment is required to get your vehicle back into spec. We will give your vehicle the best of care, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible!

Quality replacement parts

Using the highest quality replacement parts, we pride ourselves on our work because we know our reputation is crucial to our success. Please let us know how we’re doing! Feel free to call or stop by at any time and tell us how you feel about the services we’ve completed for you. No matter if you’re a new customer or not, we hope you’ll drive away satisfied and refer us to your friends!

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