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A transmission leak is a serious issue. Even if it is a small leak on the outer side, it can be a symptom of a major internal issue. Sometimes, it is something pretty trifling. It is vital to capture and repair it timely before severe damage transpires.

One minor transmission fluid leak can lead to complete transmission failure if you don’t address it. If insufficient oil flows through the system, components will lose necessary lubrication, and bad things will take place inside the transmission.

The primary thing to determine is why the transmission oil leaks in Raleigh, NC. What are the common reasons for these types of leakages? This is what we will converse about in this blog.

4 Common Causes of Transmission Leaks

A transmission leak can occur by a serious or minor problem you can handle, either yourself or with the assistance of an experienced auto mechanic.

Whether it is a critical or trivial leak, you should never ignore it. Here are the major causes of transmission leaks:

  • Corroded Or Broken Transmission Pan

A corroded or broken transmission pan is one of the top causes of transmission leaks. A broken transmission pan normally transpires if your transmission has an aluminum pan.

This can occur if you hit a solid thing beneath your vehicle on the pan while driving. Corrosion is an issue if you have a steel pan.

These pans are relatively thin, and if they begin to corrode, they will make a hole faster. Look for any symptoms of corrosion, and if you discover any, it may be time to replace the transmission pan.

  • Broken Seals

An automatic transmission withstands hydraulic stress through various seals. Nevertheless, with time, these seals wear out and crack, particularly when they are exposed to heat frequently or when you have excessive transmission oil in the system.

If you acquire a leakage from this, there are numerous transmission spots’ to examine. Usually, you will discover a leaky seal in the input or output shaft. Otherwise, you should check the pan, plug seals, tail housing seal, valve body, etc.

  • Torque Converter Leak

The torque converter propels transmission oil in the entire system. If the torque pump has impaired needle bearings or a crack anywhere on its frame, it will leak oil.

Since this is not a straightforward fix, taking your automobile to the mechanic in Raleigh, NC, to replace the torque converter is the only option.

  • Faulty Valves Or Solenoids

The solenoids and valves of the transmission system keep the fluid’s flow controlled when the car runs. An impaired component, faulty solenoid, or valve can manifest in a transmission oil leak.


A problematic transmission is nothing to joke around with in Raleigh, NC. If you have witnessed a leak beneath your vehicle, or if your car’s performance looks off in some way, you should always check your car yourself or take it to a mechanic so that they can find the issue and resolve it.

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